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Coorg Coffee- the reason behind our cafe!

Coorg is a beautiful region in southern India famous for coffee and spices. Our coffee beans are imported from our family farm in Coorg. We artfully roast the beans to perfection in smaller batches in-house so you can enjoy the magical aroma and taste of Coorg coffee!

Coorg coffee is unique, folks are unique and traditions are unique! With our cafe, we want to bring a unique Coorg experience to y'all!


Coffee is grown only in few parts of Southern India and predominantly in Coorg.


What makes Coorg coffee special? Coffee is shade grown in the altitudes of Coorg, between 3500-5700 ft above sea level under the canopy of exotic rosewood, sandalwood, teak, jackfruit and orange trees; and alongside a variety of spice plants- black pepper, cardamom, vanilla and all of this contribute to the coffee's unique flavor. The coffee beans are handpicked, sorted and sun-dried.

Coorg coffee is believed to be the world’s best mild coffee, it is not too acidic and carries a full bodied tropical flavor.

The coorg region

Coorg, also known as Kodagu is one of the 30 districts in the state of Karnataka in Southwest India.

Coorg is a very hilly district and the elevation ranges between 3500-5700 ft above sea level. This makes it an ideal vacation destination as the weather is always on the cooler side throughout the year.


Coorg is a dreamland beyond belief- located amidst imposing mountains, dense forests, mist kissed coffee plantations and valleys. Coorg is the place to be for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike: trekking, biking, golf – the possibilities are endless!